Highly walkable, Greystone is being designed for those who appreciate daily doses of outdoor beauty coupled with modern convenience.

Life in Greystone will feel uniquely Cochrane – rich with amenities, situated downtown, and nestled in the surrounding hills adjacent to the Bow River. The community will include diverse home choices, inviting streetscapes, a community pond, walk and cycle paths connected to the Bow River pathway network, and easily accessible commercial and recreation services including the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre next door. Greystone will also boast Bow River access, big sky beauty and quick access to both Rocky Mountains recreation and Calgary’s big city amenities, as both are just a stone’s throw away.

Get to know Greystone!

Our project team wants to share with you two new videos which answer the most frequently asked questions posed by stakeholders and the people of Cochrane.

Greystone’s Location

Greystone Location March 30 2017

Greystone Concept Plan

On April 21, 2017, the Greystone Area Structure Plan (ASP) and Neighbourhood Plan (NP) applications were submitted to the Town of Cochrane. An ASP outlines high level policies for a site’s redevelopment while a Neighbourhood Plan provides more refined details on the placement of residential, commercial, greenspace and transportation networks. Once the Town’s internal and external review process is complete, the Greystone Project team will be making final amendments to the applications including the concept plan below.


Let Us Know What You Think

As land owners and community developers, we believe that investing in quality is the way to go. For us, it starts with taking the time to listen to you.

Ongoing stakeholder input has helped us refine key community features, including:

  • A small, vibrant main street and public plaza to provide retail and gathering space opportunities for residents and visitors
  •  A direct pedestrian connection across the community from east to west, bringing people to the future main-street retail area and public plaza. This connection also provides easy access to the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre via walking or cycling
  •  A large centralized park to provide walkable active recreation to the plan area
  • Well-lit and safe walking paths throughout the neighbourhood
  • A broad mix of housing forms, from single detached to apartment style condos, suitable for all ages and family sizes
  • Residential homes situated near parks for ease of access
  • Multi-residential (condo buildings) near the pedestrian zone, plaza, and next to the new sports field to activate these public spaces and amenities

Public input was also sought in naming Greystone. Through community engagement, including an online poll, Greystone was selected as the preferred name for this new community.

Open Houses & Engagement

Greystone Public Hearing Set for June 18th 2018

On behalf of the Greystone project team, we are pleased to announce that the Greystone Public Hearing date has been set for June 18th at 7pm at the RancheHouse.

The Greystone Plan has come a long way since June of 2016, when the project officially began. The public engagement began with three concept plan options presented to the public in September of 2016.  That event really kicked off the public’s interest in the plan, and now, after many discussions with stakeholders, regulatory bodies, the public, and the Town’s Administration, we completed our final revisions in May and had been placed on the May 28th council agenda for First Reading by Council.

We received unanimous support from Council to advance our applications to the next step in the approval process, which is the Public Hearing.

The June 18th Public Hearing will give all of us the opportunity to present to Council. Our team will have the opportunity to explain the plan, the process we have undertaken and share our excitement and pride in getting Greystone to where it is today.  It has taken community effort to refine the plan, develop a stronger transportation network, ensure traffic improvements are provided where necessary, adjust the density to a place that make existing residents more comfortable, and tweak and change open space until it was right.

Our project team confidently stands behind Greystone and is excited to be a part of Cochrane’s growth, and now we have to ask you, as a citizen of Cochrane, if after all of the time and effort you provided through the engagement activities, whether this is a plan you can stand behind too?

We invite you to join our team on June 18th to attend the Public Hearing, and if you support Greystone and the opportunities its development will bring to the Town, we want to hear from you! Council wants to hear from you!

Two different ways you could make your support known are to:

  1. Send a letter or email of support to Council
  2. Present your support verbally during the Public Hearing

If you would like to submit a Letter or Email of Support on behalf of yourself, your community-based organization or local business, please get in touch with me. If you are interested in speaking at the Public Hearing in support of Greystone, again, please get in touch with me so I can walk you through what to anticipate.

We hope that our team has demonstrated how important the support of Cochrane’s citizens is to us. We hope to have a strong collective voice at the Public Hearing that demonstrates to the Town’s Council that Greystone is a welcomed addition to the community. Help make this project happen by voicing your support to Council!

As always, thank you for your time and your continued engagement in Greystone. I am available anytime to hear your thoughts, answer your questions, and talk about your concerns, so never hesitate to reach out.

Draft Greystone Area Structure Plan and Neighbourhood Plan – Available Now

With consideration to the upcoming Council date of May 28th 2018, we want to give you the opportunity to read the Greystone Area Structure Plan and the Greystone Neighbourhood Plan that will be presented to Council.

Upcoming Opportunities for Input

  • Application Submission & Circulation: After submission, the application will be circulated by the Town to surrounding residents for review and comment.
  • Public Hearing: Citizens will be invited to a public hearing at the Town Hall where they can speak directly to Council.


Ask Questions / Get Updates

You can also contact us directly. To submit comments, ideas or questions about Greystone, please send a note directly to Blaise Fontaine, our engagement specialist at Brown & Associates Planning Group, at bfontaine@bapg.ca  or call her at 403.692.5231

She will endeavour to respond within 48 hours and your submission will be kept in our consultation records.

If you would like to receive email notice of future open houses and project updates, please checkoff “Send me updates” on the right.

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